How Long Does PLoS Take to Review a Paper? All PLoS Journals Now

Due to popular demand (at least two people asked, surely that’s demand), here is a generalization of Monday’s work to include a few more PLoS journals. (This was mostly because it was easier to generalize my scripts to process process any PLoS journal.)

Here are the images for all PLoS journals. PLoS 1 at the end is the same figure I posted on Monday.

PLoS Pathogens:


PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases:


PLoS Medicine:


PLoS Genetics:


PLoS CompBio:


PLoS Biology:


PLoS One:


For PLoS journals, except PLoS Medicine, it seems that the average acceptance time is 5 months. PLoS Medicine takes 7 months.

PLoS Medicine is the journal that takes the longest to review, PLoS One is the fastest (although some of the papers may have been reviewed in another PLoS journal before, speeding up the process).


Script are on github.

7 thoughts on “How Long Does PLoS Take to Review a Paper? All PLoS Journals Now

  1. Other journals (namely in the Nature group, but my evidence is anecdotal), tend to reject the paper and ask for a re-submission, therefore artificially reducing the reviewing time. I don’t know if that’s a deliberate move, though.

    1. I think “Rejection with possibility of submission” is weaker than “Accept with major revision” and they like to have that extra granularity in communication.

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