Friday Links

1. A wonderful explanation of Bregman divergences. I also learned that cool result of Banerjee & Gou.

2. I liked The Enduring Myth of the SPARQL Endpoint. This reminded of Titus Brown’ remark that scaling is the only CS problem that still matters.

Money quote: There is a reason there are no ‘SQL Endpoints’.

3. Why proxy measures fail: this applies to Journal Impact Factor, but will also apply to altmetrics. In fact, we can read it as arguing that metrics that are not widely used look better than metrics that are widely used. But it is fallacious to expect that proposed metrics will not go through the same process.

4. President of the AAAS faked her PhD.

5. This battle will eventually reach biology. (This is a much better exposition of the anti-ML position than Chomsky’s rants, by the way).

I think it will be a while before we can just predict any biological behaviour that is interesting, though.

However, how soon before somebody claims that

Every time I fire a biologist, the performance of our systems biology model goes up.

Is the curious task of machine learning to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can study?

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