A Few Quick Notes

A very self-centred post:

1. I’m going up to Berlin tomorrow for BOSC 2013 (Bioinformatics Open Source Conference), where I will be talking & have a poster about jug [jug.rtfd.org] and for ISMB 2013 where I will have a poster about our recent Bioinformatics paper [video abstract]. Get in touch if you’ll be there. I’ll live tweet a bit if I can.

2. Then, I will be in Lisbon for the Lisbon Machine Learning Summer School 2013.

3. The Building Machine Learning Systems with Python book will be off to the printers later this week. That’s quite exciting. It should be available on amazon &c by the end of the month (Amazon still has the conservative September 30 date, but I think the editors are on track to beat this [it does not involve us authors very much at this point]).

4. I read the Recomputation Manifesto and feel a need to write a long post on why I think it is mostly pointless. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time today, but it seems that recomputing is not really a very worthwhile goal. It is correlated with other worthwhile goals, but the correlation is not even that high.


One thought on “A Few Quick Notes

  1. Hi this is Ian Gent, author of the recomputation manifesto. If you do get a chance to write your post about why its pointless I’ll be very interested to see it so please let me know.

    I’m always interested in people’s comments and especially ones with a different viewpoint

    Best wishes

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