Mahotas software paper published

I got a new paper published [1]:

Mahotas: open source software for scriptable computer vision by Luis Pedro Coelho in Journal of Open Research Software [DOI]

This is about my computer vision software package, mahotas. It started as a way to do bioimage informatics, but the sotware is actually generic to computer vision.

Figure 1

Earlier, I posted a tutorial on image segmentation which used mahotas.

The journal calls these metapapers in that they are not the work but a reference to the work, i.e., the software. This is an interesting new iniciative to reward scientific software development. As I argued before, release of scientific software is a collective action problem: It is better for science to have software released, but not for the individual researcher. I also wrote that it would be a good idea to change the incentives to make it more profitable to do the right thing. The Journal of Open Research Software is exactly one such step.

It has already been used in a few publications, both by myself and others:

As you can see, this is not all about Bioimage Informatics, which is sort of nice as it means that this is actually useful outside of the field in which it was initially developed.

[1] Yes it has been a good month for publications.

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