Saturday Links

Last few weeks have been a bit hectic and my post queue dwindled, but here are some Saturday links:

1. The I Quit Academia genre. I like the meta-idea. I also notice that often the people leaving academia use the word “corporatization” (or some equivalent) to discuss what they dislike about the public or non-profit institutions they are leaving, in contrast to the less bureaucratic for-profit enterprises they are now joining. Should we conclude that corporatization means “becoming less like a 21st century corporation and more like a 20th century bureaucracy”.

2. Do things, write about it. This is about blogging, but the title could apply to science too.

3. Nice colour schemes: with a Python implementation. Pretty nice.

4. Why Python uses 0-based indices. It’s the closed-open interval that matters, the 0 vs 1 discussion is actually a distraction.

This is one of those things where the there is a solution (zero-based) which is not intuitive at first but is actually more intuitive in the long run. With 1-based indices and inclusive splicing, you always need to keep track of +1s and -1s all over the place.


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