Monday Links

Slowly getting back to regular schedule, here are some Monday Links

1. We say we like creativity, but we really don’t

2. We need to talk about TED (I’ve long had a bit of elitist distaste for the middlebrowness of TED/The New Yorker/Malcom Gladwell)

3. Can’t Get Tenure? Then Get a Real Job. Megan McArdle:

As I’ve remarked before, it’s not surprising that so many academics believe that the American workplace is a desperately oppressive and exploitative environment in which employers can endlessly abuse workers without fear of reprisal, or of losing the workers. That’s a pretty accurate description of the job market for academic labor … until you have tenure.

Semi-tongue-in-cheek, I might add that it is also not surprising that many academics think that big companies can use advertisement/propaganda to manipulate their customers into over-paying for worthless products. That’s a pretty good description of a modern liberal-arts degree at any non-top-tier school (and even at the top tier, it’s debatable).

(The referenced post by The Professor is In is a mix of unintended self-parody of liberal academics and some praise-worthy self-reflection.)

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