Year in Review: My Papers

In 2013, I also managed to get a few papers out:

1. Determining the subcellular location of new proteins from microscope images using local features by Coelho et al., in Bioinformatics (2013).

One sentence summary: Recognition of an organelle is a harder problem than recognition of a fluorescent marker, but local features can improve performance.

See previous posts on this paper or our video abstract

2. Mahotas: Open source software for scriptable computer vision by Coelho in Journal of Open Research Software (2013).

This paper presents mahotas, my Python package for computer vision and image processing.

One sentence summary: Python is great for computer vision.

3. Metagenomic species profiling using universal phylogenetic marker genes by Sunagawa et al. in Nature Methods (2013).

One sentence summary: We can profile species even without a reference genome by carefully using marker genes and linkage groups.

4. Host-cell sensors for Plasmodium activate innate immunity against liver-stage infection by Liehl et al. in Nature Medicine (2013).

One sentence summary: Plasmodium liver-stage infections trigger a type-I Interferon response.


I also published a book in 2013: Building Machine Learning Systems with Python.

And I started a blog (you’re reading it now). So, overall, a pretty good year in publishing…


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