Monday Links

  1. We have shown… and citation counts in PLos Bioogy by Georg Walther.
  2. Obtaining antibiotics without a prescription (I think the real problem is not that they are not regulated for human consumption, but the antibiotic overuse issue).
  3. An alternative way to distribute research money. I honestly do not know whether this would work and would be against a whole change switch to the system.However, I’d love to see some experimentation with this system. A funding agency could try it out on a small subset of their recipients to see if the possible preverse effects win out over the obvious benefits.
  4. A small stab against chemophobia: natural products with a list of ingredients (h/t to multiple people on twitter & facebook).

    Anthocynanins, for example, which are said to give blueberries their “superfood” status, are also known as E163.”


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