Mahotas 1.1.0 Released!

Mahotas 1.1 Released

released mahotas 1.1.0 yesterday.

Use pip install mahotas --upgrade to upgrade.

Mahotas is my computer vision library for Python.

Summary of Changes

It adds the functions resize_to and resize_rgb_to, which can be used like:

import mahotas as mh
lena = mh.demos.load('lena')
big = mh.resize.resize_rgb_to(lena, [1024, 1024])

As well as remove_regions_where, which is useful for handling labeled images:

import mahotas as mh
nuclear = mh.demos.load('nuclear')
nuclear = mh.gaussian_filter(nuclear, 2)
labeled,_ = mh.label(nuclear > nuclear.mean())

# Ok, now remove small regions:

sizes = mh.labeled.labeled_size(labeled)

labeled = mh.labeled.remove_regions_where(
        labeled, sizes < 100)

Moments computation can now be done in a normalized mode, which is robust against scale changes:

import mahotas as mh
lena = mh.demos.load('lena', as_grey=1)
print mh.features.moments.moments(lena, 1, 2, normalize=1)
print mh.features.moments.moments(lena[::2], 1, 2, normalize=1)
print mh.features.moments.moments(lena[::2,::3], 1, 2, normalize=1)

prints 126.609789161 126.618233592 126.640228523

You can even spell the keyword argument “normalise”!

print mh.features.moments.moments(lena[::2,::3], 1, 2, normalise=1)

This release also contains some bugfixes to SLIC superpixels and to convolutions of very small images.

(If you like and use mahotas, please cite the software paper.)

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