Friday Links: Science & Religion Edition

1. Walmart Temple of Pseudoscience

There’s a sign in the Durham store suggesting that shoppers [..] grind their organic coffees at home because the Whole Foods grinders process conventional coffee, too, and so might transfer some non-organic dust. “This slicer used for cutting both CONVENTIONAL and ORGANIC breads” warns a sign above the Durham location’s bread slicer. Synagogue kitchens are the only other places in which I’ve seen signs implying that level of food-separation purity.

2. Faith & Reason. Money quote:

[A] survey of 1,700 scientists at Harvard, MIT and other elite colleges [reported that a]bout a third were atheists (as opposed to fewer than one-in-20 ordinary Americans) […]

[A] still-larger study into science and religion […] sought out “rank-and-file” scientists: researchers in company labs, engineers, dentists and so on. [Surprisingly], Main Street scientists are only a bit less religious than the average American. Perhaps Ivy League scientists are ultra-secular because they are Ivy League, not because they are scientists?

3. Creationism & scientists


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