Friday Links

1. Who Had Richer Parents, Doctors Or Artists [or Scientists]?

And see the picture here

The starving artist with the rich dad is not just a made stereotype, but we scientists grew up richer than all those chavs (which is why it’s so common to see young scientists aghast at getting an above-median salary [see link #4 in a previous Friday Links]: they just grew up with very high expectations).

2. It’s the worst medical papers that makes the news

Also, generally on topics where the data is shaky, like nutrition. As I wrote last year:

One of my top scientific peeves is the over-selling of weak results in public health, especially in nutrition. I think this is more damaging to the cause of evidence based policy than almost any anti-science group. Many people will say things like “I don’t trust scientists: first it was don’t eat olive oil, now olive oil is good. No peanuts, yes to peanuts, now no to peanuts again; science is just whatever is fashionable, really.”

3. Einstein & Pi

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