Friday Links

1. Swanson Premimum RNA & DNA

Don’t forget to read the reviews:

“I noticed a difference right away. I have more energy, it has helped to lessen my appetite, and my skin took on a healthy glow. I recommend this product to anyone, especially siting the value. I’m glad I tried it.”

Some costumers like to live dangerously:

“I felt a slight boost to my energy level . I had to take one pill twice a day to feel the slight boost of energy . More than the recommended one pill once a day.”

This guy is taking a whole 20mg of DNA per day!

(H/T: In the pipeline)

2. Did cryonics just become more realistic?

A hospital in Pennsylvania will soon begin clinical trials to put gunshot or other accident victims into a state of suspended animation while their organs are repaired. By all measures the people suspended will be dead for hours but with luck many will be brought back to life.


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