2048 is just cow clicking in binary.

How to win at 2048 or why 2048 is a stupid game

(This post contains a 2048 spoiler)

I too was caught up in craze about 2048. Unfortunately, after a while I realised it’s a stupid game. It’s a stupid game, because it’s actually a puzzle. Once you figure out how to play it [1], there is no challenge, it’s just trivial and boring.

2048 becomes cow clicking in binary.

How to win at 2048: play without ever pressing the UP key and keep your largest values on the bottom row, aligned left-to-right [2]. Just make sure you keep your highest tile on the corner and keep feeding the bottom row as best as you can. The newly born 2s & 4s will appear on the top portion and you will always be able to put them together. The only dangerous moment is when you score at the bottom as you risk destroying the organization if you’re not careful.


Above is how the board looks just before scoring the 2048 tile: Now go left, down, right, right, right, and you will have clicked all your cows.

[1] Or at least one way of playing it.
[2] This strategy can, of course, be applied in rotated form: play to the top-left corner instead of bottom-right.

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