Friday Links

1. A nice talk on category theory

2. Reevaluating electroshock therapy

3. It’s world homeopathy awareness week! I’ll quote @mocost on twitter:

It’s World Homeopathy Awareness Week, apparently. Are you aware that homeopathy is pseudoscientific bullshit?

4. Angst in Germany over English invasion. I liked this bit about the lounge at train stations:

“I’m not sure if calling it a ‘lounge’ is better than using the German word ‘warteraum,’ ” Renner says. “I guess it’s more modern or hip.”

Warteraum just means waiting area (both literally and not-so-literately).

Recently, I got enough points to get “frequent travel status” on German trains. One of the perks is free access to the lounge area. Somehow, that perk would not feel like such a perk if they had written free access to the waiting area.


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