Monday Links

1. An evaluation of R² on nonlinear models

Noted 25 years ago by Kvalseth [8], the user [of statistical software] is usually not able to identify which of the eight different definitions of R² that are commonly being used in the literature is chosen for the analysis output in statistical software.

(This link does not imply an endorsement of the whole paper, just that quote).

  1. Blockbuster Big Bang Result May Fizzle, Rumor Suggests

    Part of the problem is that the Planck team has not made the raw foreground data available, he says. Instead, BICEP researchers had to do the best they could with a PDF file of that map that the Planck team presented at a conference.

I mean, seriously?

3. Time as seen by the computer

4. People say biology is the physics of the 21st century, but I’ve been predicting that physics will be the physics of the 21st century for a while. In particular, materials science or materials engineering has done amazing things in the lab which are indistinguishable from magic and will soon be in products.


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