Mounting My Phone as a Filesystem

After a lot of time spent trying to find the right app/software for getting things off my phone into my computer (I have spent probably days now, accumulated over my lifetime of phone-ownership; this shouldn’t be so hard), I just gave up and wrote a little FUSE script to mount the phone as a directory in Linux.

It is very basic and relies on adb (android debug bridge) being installed on the PATH, but if it is present, I was able to just type:

$ mkdir -p phone
$ python phone &

To get the phone mounted as a directory:

$ cd phone
$ ls -l
total 656 
drwxr-xr-x 1 root      root           0 Jan  1 00:44 acct 
drwxrwx--- 1 luispedro      2001      0 Jan  6 12:30 cache[...]

Now, I could navigate the directories and files from the phone to the computer (uploading files in is not available as I don’t need it).

What was nice was that, using fusepy (which also needs to be available), the code wasn’t too hard to write even. Then I was able to see where my phone hard drive disk was going (I keep running out of disk space) and delete a few Gigabytes of pictures I had anyone already saved somewhere else (by making sure the hashes matched).

It’s available at: But rely on it at your own risk! It a best-attempt code and works on my phone, but I didn’t vet it 100%. It’s also kind of slow to list directories and such.

(It may also work on Mac, as Mac also has FUSE; but I cannot test it).


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