1Thing #3 & #4

#3 The inventor of Dothraki thinks that the word “Khaleesi” is mispronounced in the show. allusionist #95

#4 The inventor of Dothraki did not want to have a Dothraki word for “horse” as he feels that in that culture there would be different words for different types of horses, but he would not be able to control which horses were used in each scene. allusionist #95

1Thing #1

I started to write down in a little notebook some notes from podcasts that I listen to and decided to share them with you. Sometimes, it’s the main point of the episode, often it’s a side note that I found interesting. They will be tagged with 1thing.

#1/ A Chinese movie about Wu Zetian (the only female Empress of China, ruling 655-683 CE) featured historically-accurate costumes, but had to be edited as these were thought to be too revealing for modern standards. The History of China